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The medium-sized, 111 Petit Face Finish in Premiere Edition is the ideal brush for applying foundation, powder, and highlighter.

BRUSH PROFILE: Flat, dome-shaped brush head.

PERFECT FOR: Applying powder, liquid or cream-based product for a flawless finish.

WORKS BEST WITH: Cream, liquid and powder formulas.

HAIR: Pure synthetic hair.

To soften harsh lines or create a more natural wash of color, use a downward sweeping motion when blending or applying product.

Use the flat edge of the brush to pick up color and lightly sweep on product for a more natural look.

A great brush for baking or setting under eye powder.

Handmade by Korean masters, the Premiere 111 Petit Face Finish features showstopping, matte-on-matte midnight blue handles and ferrules. Equipped with ultra-soft pure synthetic hair, the vegan face brush is perfect for applying powder, liquid or cream-based products. It seamlessly softens harsh lines for a flawless finish. The brush also works well for applying highlighter—simply use the tip of the brush to pick up product and apply on the high points of the cheek.

1 brush in cardboard box

Full length: 18.5 cm
Hair: pure synthetic hair

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