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Our most emblematic brush pouch, large and sturdy for storage and organization.

The emblematic Dany's Pouch has been redesigned to be more practical and functional.
Its new taller and wider size lets you store and protect any type of pencils and brushes while keeping them easily accessible. Once opened, it breaks down into two sides which can be used as storage units during makeup application (brush jar, mini trash can, etc).

Compact, it takes up little space on the dressing table. You can also fasten it to your belt, using the strap. Wash it in warm soapy water.

A round pouch that holds and protects several brushes at a time and which can be stored in a make up case. When opened and laid out flat, it gives access to a great number of brushes and pencils while applying make up.
Size: 225 mm (height) – 105/95 mm (diameter)

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1 Brush Belt (without content)

Belt size: 38 x 24.5 cm 

Tootekood: ZB001
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