MUFE Reboot Foundation 30 ML

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Revive tired skin*, instantly and over time.

Discover its 5 actions for a REBOOTed complexion:
All day long brightening** – 24h smoothing** – 24h firming** – 24h hydration** – Evens out.

Our Pros care about your skin. 
While working backstage at fashion shows, makeup artists have just minutes to erase signs of fatigue from models’ faces – dull, dehydrated skin, loss of firmness, fine lines and imperfections must make way for a flawless complexion. 

From stress to pollution and lack of sleep, today’s women are all faced with the same challenge. 
To meet their needs, our makeup artists created REBOOT, a foundation that instantly corrects the 5 effects of fatigue on the skin thanks to a combination of makeup and skincare. 
Its luminous finish instantly revives a dull complexion and its silky-smooth texture provides exceptional comfort for skin

Key Ingredients: 
Its technology comes from the Active Care Matrix complex, a smart biopolymer structure that takes effect on the skin’s surface like a face mask. 
Ingredients are released for an immediate and lasting result on your skin up to 24 hours**.

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